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Te whai kia āwhiowhio te kakara o te reo me ngā Tikanga Māori ki ngā tōpito katoa
o tōna ao, i ngā mahi kiriata me ngā mahi pouaka whakaata.

To ensure the fragrance of Māori language and custom waft to every recess of the world through the medium of film and television.

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Pounamu - Ahorangi Featuring Sidney Diamond New Single

Pounamu - Ahorangi Featuring Sidney Diamond New Single 

 Ahorangi’s debut single release - a collaboration with award winning Aotearoa Rapper Sidney Diamond (aka Young Sid). Directed by Sani Sagala, produced by Woodcut and Cinco Cine Film Productions.

Ahorangi hails from Tūrangi, Ngāti Tūwharetoa and the video was aptly  shot within this locale. The video identifies amazing natural rural  locations that were a part of her childhood. This element also sets  the perfect tone for the waiata as Ahorangi sings in Māori and Sidney  compliments the track with his masterful English lyrics. As a  Presenter on Pūkana Ahorangi is creatively challenged daily and the  success of this track has been an amalgamation of her creativity and a labour of love.   Ahorangi explains that Pounamu is a reference to individuality and  uniqueness and that everyone is entitled to express their own  creativity freely in this ever changing world. The track is calming  and food for the soul. Pounamu – we are all unique.  

Download coming to iTunes soon. 

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Latest Production / Brown Bruthaz

Southside duo Brown Bruthaz topped the chart once.  All they need to do is drop the second album.  Sounds easy, right?

BROWN BRUTHAZ is a fast paced comedy about hitting the big time once - and trying to get back there again. Te Rangi Brown (Taungaroa Emile) and his brother Whetü (Scott Cotter) are The Brown Bruthaz, an R&B/Hip Hop duo whose combination of sweet harmonies and phat beats cut through with their massive hit Remove. Yet, when we meet them, they're still living with their mum (Nicola Kawana) in South Auckland.

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